First Baby Shower

God certainly has perfect timing. We received our referral on a Tuesday, while at Asbury. Wednesday we went to visit with Randy’s family in TN. Upon arrival one of the first questions was, “What’s your theme?” We had no theme. We had decided not to do any preparations for a nursery until we had our referral.

So while in TN we went shopping for a theme. As the question became recurrent from Randy’s stepmother, we figured something was up … and sure enough, the Saturday after our referral, Randy’s family gave us our first baby shower and Pooh and Friends was the theme of the evening!

It was great having pictures of our little one for the occasion. Randy hooked his computer up to the big screen TV and we had a slideshow with the six pictures we had received just the day before playing throughout the evening.

As we loaded up the car for our return trip, we realized that it was a sign of things to come. Our lives are going to change in a big way and it has already started as we packed a box of diapers, a bag of baby clothes, crib bedding, a portable crib and more. All we needed was a car seat with our very own little one nestled in the back seat!

2 thoughts on “First Baby Shower”

  1. Congratulations on your gorgeous baby boy!!!
    We’re also waiting with AIAA (HSTK 5/3/07 on the list for a girl). But with the recent changes, we are considering changing to being open to eitehr gender.
    I would love to email sometime and chat– I’ve been trying to find other AIAA families to talk to!


  2. Hi Joanne. Thanks for commenting. We’d be happy to communicate with you about AIAA and the process.

    Yeah, you’re in a tough position, it seems. The last letter from AIAA stated that there were people waiting for a girl from Korea since November 2006. It seems that the present/future of international adoption of girls from Korea is uncertain, at the moment. We understand that 80% of adoptions in Korea are for girls.

    In our case, we didn’t get to make a gender request, so that wasn’t an issue we had to wrestle with.


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