Getting Our House in Order

Everyone keeps telling us that our lives are going to change dramatically when we bring our child home from Korea. We’re sure that will indeed be the case and we’re trying to “get our house in order” before we become parents.

By that we don’t only mean setting up the baby’s room. We mean getting our values, commitments, and priorities right. And one of our values/commitments is: family must be a priority!

We’ll continue to have other priorities, of course, including our marriage and our ministries. But getting the priorities straight will be the challenge!

Family must be a top priority! Since everything flows out of our relationship with God, God must be primary in our lives. That should be a no-brainer for Christ-followers. The trouble comes for many when priorities get out of order. Many couples get into trouble when they make their child(ren) the center of their lives. Ed Young’s Kid CEO is a good resource that explains the dangers of letting your child rule your lives. Ed Young discusses the importance of modeling a good marriage for your child, and you can only do that if you continue to value/prioritize your marriage (read Kid CEO at Google Books).

Many in leadership often put their jobs/ministries ahead of their families. However, we believe a Christ-following leader’s primary ministry is to his or her family. The most important disciple we will ever have the privilege of discipling is our child! This certainly seems to be Paul’s emphasis in his advice to his young protege, Timothy.

Of course we recognize the fact that it’s very easy for us to talk about this now, before we bring our child home. But, as we said, that’s why we’re thinking through our commitments/values before we become parents!

Check with us in a year (or a few years) to see how we’re doing! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Getting Our House in Order”

  1. Bringing a child into your home will be a wonderful experience, remember this and it teach it to Baby Willis.

    Kind hearts are the gardens
    Kind thoughts are the roots
    Kind words are the flowers
    Kind deeds are the fruits,
    So take care of your garden
    and keep out the weeds.
    Fill it with sunshine,
    Kind words and kind deeds.

    We walk with the Lord everyday.


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