Don’t just believe stuff, do stuff.

Do you have a tool, an appliance, or a gadget somewhere around the house collecting dust, something you bought (or were given) one time but have never used? A lot of us probably do, and it makes me (Randy) think of Radio Shack’s slogan, “Don’t just buy stuff, do stuff.”

Radio Shack’s slogan also makes me think of a good slogan for Christ-followers: Don’t just believe stuff, do stuff!

Following Jesus involves more than attaining knowledge about God and the Bible. That’s important, but following Jesus is a way of life. When there’s a disconnect between what I believe and how I live, there’s a problem!

This is why you’ll normally see us use the description, “Christ-follower,” as opposed to descriptions like “Christian” or “believer” (not that there’s anything wrong with these tags, necessarily). I like “Christ-follower” because it indicates action. I believe God expects more from me than simply believing some things about him.

I believe God expects us to live out our beliefs!

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