Some Assembly Required

Parents, in particular, will recognize these three words: Some assembly required!

unassembledstrollerWe’ve already gotten a little taste of them, too, as we prepare to bring Ethan home. We both put a crib together a few weeks ago, and my latest project was putting together a stroller. Actually, I took on the task of choosing the stroller, too. I wanted to make sure it was tough enough to go anywhere. It even comes complete with its own tire pump in the basket underneath!

assembledstrollerJoleen is going to try to use the same logic in choosing a “tough” looking diaper bag. We’ll see. 🙂

Anyway, when I took the stroller out of the box, it came in a number of pieces. For the fun of it, I tried putting most of it together without looking at the directions (which I did), but toward the end, the directions became necessary!

Now this is a stroller!

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