Korean Folk Village

IMG_0218Today we ventured out a bit and visited the Korean Folk Village in Suwon. To get there, we had to catch a bus, which meant figuring out how Seoul’s bus transportation system works.

The trick was finding the right bus stop and getting on the right bus. The directions we found online stated …

From Exit No. 6 of Gangnam Subway Station […] take City Express Bus No. […] 5000-1 and get off at Korean Folk Village (30-40 minute ride).

No problem so far. However, we realized too late that we should have asked about return directions. We assumed it would be the same bus number and we would pick it up at the same place. Wrong! We attempted to get on one bus and the driver (who didn’t seem to speak English) pointed us across the street; fortunately, a passenger yelled out the bus number we needed.

We have found, ever since we arrived at the airport in Seoul, that people are very eager to help. Also, at two different times at the Folk Village today, elementary-school-aged girls waved to us and said, “Hello.” I think they were proud to use a bit of English.

IMG_0229Again, it was very cold today. I wouldn’t normally venture out in this kind of weather at home for four hours. But we did today, along with many Koreans. The village, which is mostly outdoors, consists of homes representing various economic classes from the past. There were a few museums, which helped us step inside and try to get warm along the way.

We were curious to see how The World Folklore Museum portrayed the USA and, not surprisingly, there were cowboys and Indians. Really just one cowboy and mostly American Indian artifacts. Also included was some information about the Eskimo.

We are safely back at our room and happy that the heater is pouring out warm air — it took a few hours last night until the air warmed.

IMG_0238We would have liked to have tried the food, but we chose not to eat at the Folk Village. People sat cross-legged, with their shoes off, on wooden platforms. That would have been okay inside, but not outside in below-freezing temperatures.

We opted for some rice candy, which is sorta like hard taffy (which we enjoyed), and another sweet rice snack that we haven’t tried yet. We may get a chance to experience Korean food tomorrow.

The Korean Folk Village was a very busy place today because of the Lunar New Year celebration. All in all, it was good to experience a bit of the Korean culture.

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