Bringing Ethan Home

We would certainly appreciate your prayers as we travel and bring Ethan home with us on Thursday.

Here’s our schedule …

We’ll check out at early in the morning (7:00 am here), 5:00 pm, Eastern Time. We have an hour bus ride to the airport where our plane is scheduled to leave at 11:05 am (9:05 pm, Eastern Time). We should land in Tokyo a couple hours later.

After an hour-long layover in Tokyo, we’ll embark on the long 11.5 hour flight to Detroit. Then, after a less-than-2-hour layover, we’ll take a short commuter flight home to State College, where we’re expect to arrive at 3:30 pm on Thursday (Eastern Time).

Please pray for safety, of course. Also, pray especially for Ethan, that he handles the trip as well as possible. Pray that God gives us wisdom and patience. Pray for our fellow passengers and the crew, that they will be supportive and understanding. 🙂

Pray also for smooth transitions in Tokyo and Detroit and that we have no problems with customs and immigration, especially in Detroit where we have a fairly short layover. We have all of our legal paperwork for Ethan, but you never know what snags might come up in that process!

We’ll post a report on the trip sometime after we get home. Thanks for your prayers!

7 thoughts on “Bringing Ethan Home”

  1. I’ll keep your trip home in prayer. What a wonderful Valentines Day adventure, bringing your son home! I’m so happy for all three of you. God is Good! All the time, Amy

  2. Honies,
    I will be praying that you have a safe trip home and that everything runs smoothly for all three of you.
    May the flight keep Ethan content; anxious to see you and meet that big boy!
    Love ‘ya,

  3. happy valentines day to randy, joleen, and ethan.
    you should be nearing st collage about now. happy landing!
    now the fun starts with this happy family
    god bless you in this travel
    jo anna

  4. Happy Valentine’s Day Ethan and welcome to America! Hope all is well. We are very anxious to hear all about your trip home.


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