Ethan Goes to Church

Today, we experienced our first Sunday worship gathering together as a family. First of all, Randy and I never get to worship together on Sundays, so what a treat it was for the two of us, let alone the three of us!

We attended Faith UMC. The 11:00 am service worked well with Ethan getting awake at 9:00 am. And it was a very short ride from our house!

We were very pleased with Ethan’s first church worship experience. He did excellently. And we are grateful for everyone’s words of welcome!

tiredethanIt certainly must have been an exhausting morning, though. Before our five-minute car ride home ended, Ethan was already asleep in his car seat. He usually wakes up when we get him out, but not today. He was fast asleep in his church duds, allowing “Mommy” and “Daddy” to have our first meal alone since returning home.

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