Family Immersion

Our busy weekend, which started with getting our tax returns completed at H&R Block Friday, continued Saturday with our annual Easter dinner with the Flaughs (Joleen’s step-dad’s family).

IMG_0513This is always a big family gathering — Joleen’s mom and step-dad (Paul), Paul’s five sons and their families, plus Joleen and I, and new to the group this year, Ethan. In all, around 25 people gather to eat together each year.

We knew this would be a good test for Ethan. While he’s met a lot of new people in recent weeks, he has not hung around many children, yet. He got that opportunity Saturday.

Paul’s grandchildren are divided into two groups: the older group are all boys and the younger group are all girls. Ethan is pictured here with the granddaughters, who were anxious to spend the evening entertaining Ethan. Ethan enjoyed the attention.

The family also celebrated Ethan’s arrival with a baby shower where Ethan got some stuff to wear this summer.

We thought Ethan handled the day very well!

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