Some of Our Favorite Things

During our first few weeks with Ethan, we’ve written a good bit about the challenges we’re facing with Ethan’s transition into our home. In the process, we’re also getting to know Ethan better and we’re discovering more of his personality.

IMG_0540Joleen and I have been discussing some of our favorite things

  • Ethan’s smile as we lift him out of his crib after he wakes up.
  • Rubbing his eyes on our chests/shoulders when he gets sleepy or is waking up.
  • The wide variety of babbling and sounds.
  • Big laughs.
  • Lots of smiles.
  • Clapping his feet (on the floor) when he’s happy.
  • Bouncing and dancing to music when standing, or bouncing his feet when seated (e.g. in the car seat).
  • Curiosity.
  • Inquisitive eyes.

It’s interesting to watch Ethan grow and develop, even in our first 5 weeks together. As we get to know Ethan better, we’re certain this list will grow!

4 thoughts on “Some of Our Favorite Things”

  1. Thank you so much Randy and Joleen for recommending The Martian Child. Dave and I watched it last night and we thoroughly enjoyed it – what a great story !
    Thank you also for the CD – it is Handel’s Messiah – how special – truly music is the universal language.
    I talked to Ruth Ward this week and she said she had such a special Easter Sunday with your folks.

  2. Thanks, Jean. Glad you guys enjoyed the movie.

    And, speaking of music, the music we heard in the churches in Korea was pretty diverse — from traditional hymns to modern worship (in many cases, the same music we’re accustomed to but with Korean lyrics).

  3. Yep. Graduation weekend, beginning six weeks from Friday.

    That should be easy to remember — it’s also your birthday (which we have to remember). 🙂


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