Happy Easter!

Christ is risen!

This is our first Easter together as a family. We began the weekend (Saturday) experiencing a little snow from a late season Alberta Clipper that passed through on Friday night. Ethan didn’t seem to be too overly excited about it, though.

Also on Saturday, Ethan climbed the 16 steps from the first floor to the second floor two different times. That was a first. I followed close behind to make sure he didn’t fall.

And this morning before heading off to church we took a few photos of Ethan with some of his gifts, including the Easter basket we gave him. Unfortunately, it’s hard to get Ethan to smile at a camera that’s on a tripod that snaps a photo every few seconds (on a timer). 🙂

We are grateful for Ethan. And we’re grateful that Christ died for him, and for all humanity, and that he was raised from the dead, so that all people may know God and be free from sin and death. May we all know Christ and the power of his resurrection this Easter!

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  1. Easter is the best time of the year for me. Not only do the kids love it, we as adults can use the Easter period to pray and learn about Jesus and how he lived his life.


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