Bitter Sweet

Ethan's New Tonka Truck
Ethan’s New Tonka Truck
A few weeks ago, 12th Street UMC scheduled a gathering for May 4 to welcome Ethan. In the meantime, we learned of our new appointments, so the welcome also became a farewell.

Although Randy will continue to serve 12th Street through the end of June, it was probably the last time that Ethan and I would get to visit with the people of 12th Street. And so this gathering came with mixed emotions as we celebrated Ethan’s arrival, but also had to say farewell.

The afternoon was a time of social interaction. Ethan was a little out of sorts, though, because we had to wake him from his nap to go into the church. He finally was becoming more himself by the end of the gathering.

Ethan was showered with gifts and cards, including the Tonka truck in the photo. The truck was a gift from the 12th Street Church. Ethan has taken to it right away.

Thanks, 12th Street, for embracing Ethan and for your expressions of welcome!

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