UMMen’s Newest Member

Look who’s the newest member of the Manor Hill United Methodist Men (UMMen)!

Wednesday evening, Ethan and I visited the 42nd annual building of picnic tables. They made 93 tables this year. The 6-foot tables were sold out before they were ever made! However, there are 8-foot tables for $110 and 10-foot table for $120.

Call 814-643-0779, 814-667-3484, or 814-667-2485 if you’re interested in purchasing a table. Be sure to bring a truck or trailer and help to load your table.

Also, the UMMen were glad to have Katie home from college to lend a hand.

Thanks to Patty Stever for sending us these photos.

1 thought on “UMMen’s Newest Member”

  1. He looks sooooo cute in that pic. Evin is walking with the help on someone behind him, but Steven is sticking to crawling.


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