Ethan’s First Mission Project

Ethan completed his first mission project just before leaving Manor Hill, with the help of the Manor Hill congregations.

At Dave and Jean Norris’ retirement dinner, there was a Mission Central “relay baton” at each table. Because of his birth date (the baton went to whose birthday was the closest at the time), Ethan received the challenge of filling the relay baton with quarters in Dave and Jean’s honor.

This challenge was not very difficult to fulfill with the Manor Hill folk around. We just passed it around the congregations and it was done!

So here’s to you, Dave and Jean! We are honored that we had the privilege to already involve Ethan in mission!

2 thoughts on “Ethan’s First Mission Project”

  1. I’m so glad everything is going so well. I really enjoyed having Ethan and so did our Grandsons. We will continue to keep up with you through the blog and you all are in our prayers. Take care & give Ethan a “BIG” hug!

  2. Hi Joleen and Randy,
    Jean and I are just checking in on you and Ethan, and are delighted to read of Ethan’s mission involvement! Go Ethan!!! Pass that baton again!
    We hope all’s well with you all in Clearfield.
    Dave & Jean


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