Sleep Deprived

This kid sleeps at the darnedest times! He occasionally falls asleep in the car, on walks, and during his mother’s sermons on Sunday mornings.

Here, Ethan is pictured on our day off. Last Friday, we went to walk at the local Rails to Trails (abandoned railways converted to walking/biking trails.) Almost immediately, he fell asleep and slept for the whole one-hour walk!

But he almost never coordinates his naps with our naps! For instance, when I’ve tried to nap when he’s around, he’s poked at my eyes and come beside me and yelled some string of syllables (don’t worry, Daddy is around watching him when my eyes get heavy).

Ethan just needs to work on his timing a little bit! πŸ™‚

4 thoughts on “Sleep Deprived”

  1. Thats funny! Steven and Evin do the same to us. They will poke our eyes and fall asleep at the weirdest times.


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