Our Little Musician

Ethan is trying out several instruments in his young life.

In July, we were impressed when he learned to blow into his recorder and make a tone. I guess we won’t be giving him a straw to drink from anytime too soon. He’ll probably blow bubbles rather than drink from it! (Cheap recorders are only 88 cents at Wal-mart.)

Two weeks ago my Uncle Wayne brought him a “canjo” to try out. It is handmade by my uncle and this one is a mini-sized version, just Ethan’s size. It is a simple instrument with one string, ideal for introducing anyone to a stringed instrument. If Uncle Wayne has his way, Ethan will be playing bluegrass!

Ethan has also been trying out the bongos. My mom gave me a set when I was teaching, and since Ethan has come along, I’ve played around on them more than ever! Ethan has always shown us, “I’ve got rhythm” — he bops with just about anything that has a beat. Some of the first items: the washing machine and even the sound of me filing my nails!

And of course, there’s the piano. He goes to the piano on his own and expresses he wants the lid open “to play.”

Just as it is important for children to be exposed and to discover their own interests (as opposed to those of their parents), it’s important for children to be exposed to different instruments and sounds. When I was in elementary school and choosing a band instrument, my mother hoped I’d play the clarinet, but I wanted to play the flute. What won my mother over was watching a Miss America Pageant together on TV where one of the contestants played the flute. (I’m still not a great fan of the clarinet.)

Who knows if Ethan will be a musician or if he is, what he’ll play or what kind of music he’ll play. Maybe he’ll even be a dancer! His Sunday School teacher commented on his “tap dancing” last Sunday.

4 thoughts on “Our Little Musician”

  1. Joleen, I remember when I got my first new piano and you did not like me taking the attention from you to play. I had purchased a piano and bench for you for Christmas and had to give it to you early. I played the big piano and you sat beside me at your little piano.
    You were so cute! Have a picture!
    Ethan is SOoooo sweet, anxious to see him this weekend.

  2. Ethan is a precious little boy. I know that you are both wonderful parents!

    You are doing a great job on the his “musicianship”!

  3. Hi Joleen & Randy, What a great website,during our visit home Sally & I fell in love with your son too,he surely is special and with parents like you two he can’t help but become talented and a special person. Gods love shows in all of you. Love and prayers from a proud uncle, wayne

  4. Hi Joleen & Randy,

    Dad sent me the link to this site of yours and I got to say very nice website indeed 🙂

    Just a word of advise though, if you plan on having dad (Uncle Wayne) influence Ethan’s musical training, be prepared for a pair of spoons to make it into Ethan’s arsenal of musical instruments…..hehe

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.
    Love you guys bunches!!


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