Leadership Institute, Here We Come

A few months ago, we wrote about attending Leadership Institute, a 2-day conference hosted by The United Methodist Church of the Resurrection (COR). Well, the has come for this event.

Tomorrow, we travel to Kansas City (we’ll return Saturday). We’re excited about attending this event with a group of pastors from four districts in our conference.

While we look forward to spending a few days in Kansas City at COR, unfortunately, Ethan will not be with us (thankfully, though, Grammy and Pappy are going to stay with Ethan here on his familiar turf while we’re away). Were it not for this being the first time being apart 3 nights, we’d be a lot more excited about this trip! 😥

But we expect this event to contribute to our ongoing personal development, and we want to share the experience with as many as we can. So we invite you to follow along here on the blog over the next few days as we reflect on some of the things that impact us most.

More than likely, we expect to publish posts (as we’re able) (1) Thursday night, (2) Friday night and/or Saturday morning, and (3) sometime later after we return home and have a chance to process the whole experience.

As always, we invite you contribute to the conversation by clicking on the “comments” link underneath any post you wish to comment on, then fill out the form to submit your comment.

Well, let’s get started!

2 thoughts on “Leadership Institute, Here We Come”

  1. Randy – I hope that your trip to Kansas City is pleasant and that you enjoy Leadership Institute. If you are taking any photos during your stay, I invite you to take part in the photo experiment by uploading photos of people, places and events while you are here to Flickr.com and tagging them with “li2008” Feel free to spread the word about the photo experiment. Travel safe and enjoy your time at Resurrection!

  2. Thanks for the comment, Andrew. And thanks for the heads-up on the photo experiment. We have our camera and will see what we can do.

    BTW, we arrived safely, but late, thanks to a 4 hour layover at Dulles Airport.


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