Finally Finalized

Today was a special day in the Willis household. We traveled to the Cumberland County Courthouse in Carlisle and Ethan’s adoption was finalized.

It was kind of a last minute thing. The lawyer’s office called Monday and said they could squeeze us in at the end of several other adoption finalization hearings if we could make it Thursday at 10:15 am. Otherwise we would have had to wait until December.

Today, Ethan is officially our son and Ethan’s name officially becomes Ethan Quinn Willis. What a momentous occasion!

We also got to meet Bella (short for Isabella), the daughter of Ben and Brandy who were a part of our adoption home study group when we started this journey in January 2007. Their finalization was today also. Bella is from Guatemala. It was so good to see them. See this post from March as well as their blog.

My mom and step-dad went along, and Dave and Jean Norris were able to meet us there as well. Afterward, we all went to Spring Garden Restaurant, located in Camp Hill, for authentic Korean food.

We had bibimbap, bulgogi, and potato noodles (which I don’t know the Korean name for). We had the array of side dishes which included kimchi, of course. Everyone enjoyed it. Randy and I were pleased that it tasted like the food we had experienced in Korea. It was the first time for everyone else to experience Korean food, and it was probably the most Ethan has had as well.

Today brought back many memories of visiting Korea. We will always treasure these special memories and the people we befriended, or rather befriended us, who made it so memorable. We will always treasure the blessing of Ethan in our lives!

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  1. Your hearts must be so filled with gratitude! How good of God to bring Ethan into your family. Blessed be His name!

  2. Let me officially welcome Ethan as a member of the Kurtz clan :o) Since school has started, I haven’t been able to check in as often, but I see I picked a great day to take a look….
    Love to all!


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