Local Pastor Sabbath

On Sunday, Joleen, Ethan, and I attended our district’s first (of what may become an annual event) “local pastor sabbath.” It was intended to be an opportunity for Local Pastors (and Student Pastors and Appointed Lay Speakers) to share a day off together.

We gathered at Gethsemane United Methodist Church in Allport (located across the street from West Branch High School) for the 10:45 am worship service where Rev. Dr. Pam Ford, State College District Superintendent, preached a much-needed message on the importance of sabbath.

After worship, pastors ate an excellent meal together that the church had prepared for us, followed by a teaching/discussion time led by Rev. Karen Allen (pastor of Gethsemane) called, “Gathering Our Crazy Scattered Lives.” It was a practical and helpful time!

We concluded the day with a time of worship and communion. This is especially noteworthy because it was the first time the three of us celebrated communion together as a family, including Ethan’s first communion. We had intentionally waited until the three of us could be together for communion, since we’re not usually together for Sunday worship gatherings.

Speaking of Ethan, he was with us for the day. After lunch, he slept for about an hour (a short nap for him), mostly while Joleen held him during the afternoon teaching/discussion session. He did very well on the day.

We’re grateful for the sabbath day we had together!

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  1. I am so happy for you all to be able to worship and take communion together. Wouldn’t it be good if we could work it out so that you both could share worship at respective churches periodically?


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