Vacation Hangover

We wondered how Ethan would handle our recent vacation, visiting family in Tennessee. It was the longest Ethan’s been away from home since being with us. As it turns out, he handled it pretty well.

Ethan went to sleep each night without too much difficulty, but he didn’t get as much sleep as he needed during the days; there was just too much activity in a new place. He didn’t make up too much of it on the way home, either. During the 11.5 hour drive home, he slept about 1.5 hours.

In the 10 days we’ve been home, Ethan has been trying to get back into his routine and rhythm, especially with his naps, which have always been the challenge (that hasn’t bothered us too much, though, since he sleeps so well at nights, normally).

We enjoyed our time in TN. Here are some photos from the trip …

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