God is Crazy About You!

On Sunday, during the closing song and just before time to offer the benediction, I remembered a quote by Max Lucado. I incorporated what I remembered (the first two lines and the last two lines, as it turns out) into my benediction.

Here’s the full quote …

If God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. If He had a wallet, your photo would be in it. He sends you flowers every spring and a sunrise every morning. Whenever you want to talk, He’ll listen. He can live anywhere in the universe, and He chose your heart. What about the Christmas gift He sent you in Bethlehem; not to mention that Friday at Calvary. Face it, friend. He’s crazy about you.

I’ve always loved this statement.

God sent his son, Jesus, into the world to show us how much he loves us. What a priceless gift — to know how much God loves us, to know that God longs for us to be part of his eternal family.

During this Christmas season, there are a couple of powerful truths that I want to carry into the new year …

“Nothing is impossible for God.”

That’s what Gabriel (an angel) said to Mary in reference to Zechariah and Elizabeth’s surprising pregnancy. It was true then. It is still true now. Nothing is impossible for God!

“God is with us.”

Few truths are more important than this, that God is with us. We are never alone, left to do life on our own. God wants to do life with us, and he’s made a way for that to happen — by sending his son to be our Savior and constant companion.

What would it look like in our lives if we lived knowing that God is with us? What would it look like if we truly believed that nothing is impossible for God? I can only imagine!

And it’s all because God is crazy about us!

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