Christmas is Fun!

After we got up this morning, we brought Ethan downstairs to the Christmas tree. It didn’t take him long to start checking things out. We read a Christmas devotional and prayer then Ethan began opening gifts.

Opening gifts was a very slow process — about all morning, including a break for breakfast, not because there were so many gifts as much as he took time to play with each gift before moving on to the next one — but it was fun!

After some time playing with his new toys, Ethan was ready for a nap. During Ethan’s nap, we connected our camera and computer to the TV and reviewed the photos and video we shot during the morning as well as some video clips of Ethan from the past 10 months of our life together.

It’s a good time to celebrate God’s blessings!

1 thought on “Christmas is Fun!”

  1. It was so nice sharing Christmas Eve in your services and with all the family. We enjoyed Christmas Day Sooo much with all of you and especially Ethan; we love him and he is such a joy. Thank you for everything, the food was good, and the services were wonderful, and we just enjoyed everything.
    Love you!


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