In the months before we brought Ethan home from Korea, a friend told us about teaching her children sign language even before they were able to communicate with words. One of the first signs we taught Ethan was “more” (to help us know if he was still hungry and wanted more food). And recently, we’ve … Read more

Vacation Hangover

We wondered how Ethan would handle our recent vacation, visiting family in Tennessee. It was the longest Ethan’s been away from home since being with us. As it turns out, he handled it pretty well. Ethan went to sleep each night without too much difficulty, but he didn’t get as much sleep as he needed … Read more

Naughty or Nice?

At a “breakfast with Santa” this morning, we overheard someone jokingly ask their child what they were going to say when Santa asked if they’ve been good this year. Moments later, Joleen and I discovered that we both were thinking about that exchange. The lyrics of the song, Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, warn … Read more

It Takes 20 Years to Make a Sermon

I have waited 20 years to write this post, even though the blog has only been around a few years. In the earliest days of my Christ-following journey (as a college student), I read as much as I could about the lives of preachers who’ve gone before us. One of those people was E.M. Bounds, … Read more