Making Moments 2.0

Last March I wrote a post called Making Moments where I listed some of the days we will always remember.

Making moments is a good discipline. Most of us are accustomed to marking days like birthdays and anniversaries. But what about other days? What days you mark?

As we near the one-year mark of some of the best moments in our lives, I recently reviewed the posts we wrote (and the comments of others) while we were in Korea (February 2008) as well as the days before and after. I’m so grateful that we blogged in Korea. Not only did it give us a great connection point with others, but it also put some things in writing that we would have otherwise forgotten.

As I reviewed the events we wrote about, I realized there were things I had already forgotten. For example, we remember (very well) Ethan screaming for an hour and a half on the evening we picked him up from his foster family at the Social Welfare Society. And we remember him screaming a little while when he woke up in the middle of the night. But while we also remember him screaming the next morning, I forgot how long he screamed on our first full day together. As we wrote that day, Ethan screamed for 4 hours that morning!

There were other little things too. And it’s not because we have bad memories. In fact, for months after we got back from Korea, it seemed that I had daily flashbacks of being in Korea; they were so vivid, it was like I was actually there.

Those flashbacks are fewer and further in between now. But I want to do all I can to remember those moments, to mark them, so that we will be able to tell Ethan that part of his story (and our story) someday.

How do you mark the moments in your life so that you will remember and celebrate them?

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