A Day Off

We finally took a real day off today. Sad to say, it was our first real day off in a while (even though Friday is our scheduled day off). Unfortunately, the rest of the month doesn’t look too promising, either!

Taking time to be together as a family is important not only for our personal/family well-being, but also for the health, longevity, and fruitfulness of our ministries (not to mention our lives)!

We began the day with a little shopping (not necessarily my favorite day-off activity) followed by lunch and a walk (with Ethan in the stroller) on the local rails-to-trails on an unseasonably (but welcome) warm day! Not only did we get out and enjoy the day, but we added more than 5,000 steps on our pedometers (see our post on the HealthMiles program).

After our walk, part of which Ethan spent napping, we enjoyed frozen yogurt and relaxation at Old Town Road Dairy before heading home.

Toward the end of our day together, and after Ethan’s bath, Ethan went to bed early to help make a smooth transition as Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend. But before Ethan went to sleep, we spent a few moments, as is our practice, reading a Bible story or a few verses of Scripture from a children’s Bible. Finally, one of us holds Ethan while he drinks his evening cup of milk (and later, puts him in his crib) and the other prays (we alternate each night).

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