As Pentecost Sunday comes to a close, I’ll share one more thought about life in the Spirit (I previously wrote about Dynamite and Immersion). I’ve always understood the role of the Holy Spirit to be largely about empowerment. Moments before Jesus ascended to heaven, he told his followers … … you will receive power when … Read more


Tomorrow is Pentecost Sunday. I recently reflected on the word Dynamite. I’m also thinking about the word immersion. Immersion is one of the forms or methods of water baptism (along with sprinkling or pouring). The United Methodist Church recognizes/practices all three forms. But when it comes to being baptized in the Holy Spirit, immersion is … Read more


This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. It’s a particularly meaningful day because of the first Pentecost following the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Days earlier, Jesus informed his followers … … you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes upon you. And you will be my witnesses, telling people about me everywhere … (Acts 1.8) I’ve … Read more

Paperwork to Korea

Earlier this month, on Mother’s Day actually, we announced that we are adopting again. We learned today that our paperwork was mailed to Korea yesterday. Now the wait for a referral begins (which will be our next major announcement)! Last time around, we received the referral of Ethan about two months after our paperwork went … Read more

Three Main Tasks of Jesus

I remember hearing someone (Leonard Sweet?) once talk about Jesus’ primary tasks. And recently, while reviewing Missional Church (which I recently wrote about), I came across this quote: … three main tasks of Jesus before his crucifixion: preaching, teaching, and healing (133). Preaching. Teaching. And healing. I view preaching as proclaiming the good news of … Read more

Radical Hospitality 3.0

I have been blogging our journey at Centre Grove through the Five Practices and I’ve written a couple posts on the first of the practices that we’re discussing (Radical Hospitality 1.0 and 2.0). In the last post, I wrote that we were making strides on indoor and outdoor signs that would improve our presence in … Read more

Our Journey Toward Ordination

In my last post, I described the process of becoming provisional elders in The United Methodist Church. Now I want to say more about how we got to this point. In early 1998, after a lengthy search for our place in the body of Christ, we made contact with then District Superintendent, Rev. Thomas Irwin. … Read more

Becoming Provisional Elders

Recently, I wrote Why We are United Methodists. But one thing we have not blogged is the ordination process we’ve been engaged in ever since we have been United Methodists. The process of becoming ordained pastors in the UMC has been long for us, mainly due to coming from another denomination (I’ll say more about … Read more

Better Caught Than Taught

I have heard it said that some things are better caught than taught. We teach through what we say, but our words must match our actions. We are certainly learning this principle as parents. We use words to teach Ethan how to behave, but he picks up on our actions, too. Recently, Virgin HealthMiles replaced … Read more

Adoption 2.0

Today, Joleen and I announced to our churches that we are going to adopt a second child. Once again, we are adopting an infant from Korea. We are requesting a girl. We are using the same agencies, Adoption Horizons (our local agency and caseworker) and Americans for International Aid and Adoption. We’re expecting AIAA to … Read more

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