Annual Conference Day 2

Home. That’s a word that Ethan has been saying over the course of the last 24 hours or so. Ethan is ready to go home.

Being in an unfamiliar place in a sea of mostly unfamiliar people is pretty daunting, especially for a soon-to-be two-year-old who is getting a lot of attention!

Today’s session of annual conference included a lot of “worshipful work,” including 32 amendments to the constitution of The United Methodist Church (along with 61 other U.S. annual conferences this summer; to pass, an amendment must receive two-thirds of the votes of all the voting of members across the connection). There was also a Bible study in the morning and a celebration of ministry service in the evening where pastors who are retiring were honored for their years of service.

Following the evening’s service (which I skipped out in the middle of to put Ethan to bed), Joleen and I attended the rehearsal for tomorrow’s ordination service where we will be commissioned as Provisional Elders (thanks, Nancy, for hanging out in our room while Ethan slept!).

We head into Saturday trusting that (1) commissioning will be meaningful, and (2) that Ethan will survive another day of annual conference! 🙂

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