Bonding 2.0

In a recent post about bonding, I referred to an article at, which includes the following statement …

Attachment and adoption seem inseparable to many parents. In fact, attachment is an ongoing process for all parents and children, one that generally takes from 10 and 14 months and continues to evolve over a child’s early years.

We can attest to that timeline. We’ve now had Ethan 16+ months, and even though he adapted well to the transition into our home (which changed locations when we moved four months after we brought him home from Korea), it is also true that our bonding has grown over the course of that time. In fact, in just the last couple months (at around month 14, ironically), we’ve noticed an even closer bond in Ethan with us.

Well, it’s been a great experience so far, and we look forward to growing even closer in the future. Of course, there will be new challenges in the months ahead as we welcome a second child into our family. But it’s all part of the adventure we’re on!

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