HealthMiles Level 4

Yesterday, I reached Level 4 (of 5) in the HealthMiles walking incentives program, less than six months after signing up. That leaves me plenty of time (six months) to reach the final level (Level 5). At my current pace, it should take up to four months.

I reached Level 4 on day 7 of the 28 day marathon I blogged recently. The challenge, involving 2,830 people from across The United Methodist Church, is going very well. I am doing as well or better than I expected and am running with the leaders, so far.

HealthMiles, which is now available to individuals (not just organizations), is an excellent program. I like the instant feedback (by uploading my steps to the HealthMiles website), the focus on cumulative activity, and the ability to track progress at the website. The financial incentives are a nice touch as well.

I tend to get a lot of steps simply because I move a lot. A few days ago, Ethan’s first words after waking up in the morning (which I heard via the baby monitor) were, “Daddy, walking” (and I get most of my steps while he’s asleep!). 🙂

Occasionally, Ethan will stop in his tracks, lift up his shirt near his right hip, look at his imaginary pedometer, and call out a number, then continue walking. As we’ve said before, some things are better caught than taught.

Anyway, one more stop (in the first year), Level 5. One step at a time.

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