Simple Church 1.0

In July, we began meeting with our covenant groups (that are meeting together), which is a requirement in the ordination process of The United Methodist Church. Meeting every other month, we met for the second time earlier this week.

First, we discussed the leadership paper we’re required to write for the Board of Ordained Ministry. The paper, which is due September 14 (in preparation for our interviews with the Board on October 6), addresses: (1) Who You Are, (2) How You Function, and (3) What You Accomplish. The focus is on transformational leadership.

Meeting in separate groups for the paper discussion, we each shared what we wrote and our groups had the opportunity to respond and offer feedback. We may share more about our papers once the final drafts are complete.

We also began discussing the book by Thom Rainer and Eric Geiger, Simple Church. Our initial discussion (on chapter 1) was pretty introductory. We reflected on the book’s opening look at current examples of simplicity: Google, Apple, and Real Simple magazine.

At our next meeting, we’ll get deeper into the book as we move onto the next two chapters. We especially look forward to a discussion/reflection on “Pastor Rush.” Anyway, we should have more to say about the concept of Simple Church then.

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