Provisional Membership, Level 2

In my post on the Provisional Member Retreat, I mentioned that we were preparing for upcoming interviews with the Board of Ordained Ministry, as part of the ordination process.

On Tuesday, we travelled to Halifax, PA for those interviews. The interviews went very well and we learned Tuesday evening that we have been approved to move onto Level 2 of the provisional membership process (Level 2 officially begins after the clergy session of next year’s 2010 annual conference).

We’ve written about the ordination process, including Becoming Provisional Elders and Our Journey Toward Ordination (which goes into more detail about our stories).

Basically, the rest of the process looks like this …

  1. Continue meeting with our mentors and covenant groups.
  2. Attend required retreats (September 2010 and May 2011).
  3. Attend two different seminars in NYC and DC (January and April of 2010 or 2011).
  4. Complete the last batch of paperwork, including responses to theological questions, a sermon, a Bible study, and a leadership paper.
  5. One more interview with the Board of Ordained Ministry in March 2011. Passing these interviews will allow us to be ordained at the 2011 annual conference.

Anyway, one more step in the process is behind us.

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