She Will Be Called Sarah!

In case you missed the introduction of Sarah, you’ll need to scroll down or click here.

Randy and I actually chose the name Sarah years ago, when we only dreamed of a child. My maternal grandmother’s name is Sarah. And both Randy and I like the name.

Ethan Quinn received his name as a parallel to the meaning of his Korean given names, “strong” and “wise.” We tried to do the same for Sarah, whose given name means, “beautiful” and “bright,” but we just didn’t come up with anything we liked. Perhaps that’s because we always dreamed of a Sarah.

The name Sarah is very fitting. In the Bible, Sarah was the wife of Abraham and stories reveal that Sarah was a beautiful woman. The meaning of the name Sarah is “princess” and our princess she will be. We discovered yesterday that the foster dad calls her princess!

My Grandma died in 2002. She battled dementia during her last years. The sicker she became, the more my heart longed to give her a grandchild. Now, God has given us our little Sarah. As my mother said to me in an email, “Gram is probably smiling ear to ear.” Love ya, Gram!

2 thoughts on “She Will Be Called Sarah!”

  1. How wonderful to see you holding Sarah and to learn of your choice for her name. What a blessing you will be to each other! Our prayers and thoughts remain with you!!

  2. Joleen and Randy,

    How beautiful, As I said earlier a “princess” she will be. She will be loved. I can’t wait to see Ethan and her together. (I can just vision his conversations with her. )
    They will be soo cute together. I miss Ethan
    He’s my buddy.
    Keeping you in our prayers for a safe trip home.
    Love, Cookie


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