Zero to 22 and 32 to 20

In the last few weeks, we have intentionally tried not to make (or at least not to write about) too many comparisons between the early transitioning experiences of Ethan and Sarah (in terms of their personalities because (1) that may not be fair to them and (2) we’re still getting to know Sarah’s personality).

But one area where the experience was much different the second time around was that when we got Ethan, we went from holding no child (zero pounds) to holding a 22-pound child. That was a big adjustment for us, in itself!

In the year and a half we’ve had Ethan, we’ve grown accustomed to holding/carrying a small/growing child. And when we received Sarah in Korea less than three weeks ago, the size and weight was once again very noticeable, but in a different way this time. Instead of going from zero to 22 pounds, we went from (about) 32 to (just under) 20 pounds. Whereas Ethan felt very heavy in February 2008, Sarah felt very light in October 2009.

And the difference was again even more noticeable when we returned home from Korea. After a week away from Ethan, it seemed he had grown a few inches and gained a few pounds!

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  1. Hello, I can’t imagine what it was like to you to leave Ethan for a week. My heart goes out to you. Prayers for a continuing bonding.


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