Ethan’s Role Playing

As our family goes through a period of change there are times that really bring a smile to our faces. This is one of them.

Our mealtime habit has been to feed Sarah first and then sit her on the floor with a toy while we eat. One morning as I prepared Ethan’s breakfast (and Sarah was still sleeping), Ethan got his Pooh Bear and
pretended to feed him breakfast.

When Ethan’s cereal was ready he ran into the living room, saying, “Pooh needs a toy.” Ethan brought the toy and sat Pooh on the floor with it and then sat himself up to the table to eat.

As we all work at new schedules and new routines, it is a delight to get a glimpse of Ethan taking in these new routines … and practicing nurturing his Pooh Bear. I’m sure he will eventually become a very loving, nurturing big brother!

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  1. Just wanted to tell you guys how wonderful it is to read your blog and share some of the many experiences you are having with you. Randy tells everything from the heart and you feel like he is right there with you sharing.


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