Our Big Weekend

Earlier today, Ethan described the past weekend, saying, “I had a big weekend.” Well, we’re a little over seven weeks through our 10-week family leave (in connection with our adoption of Sarah) and we finally took a couple days for the four of us to go out of town (most of the time has simply been adjusting, bonding, and finding our rhythm).

Ethan likes Thomas & Friends so we decided to go to the Strasburg Railroad for their periodic Day Out with Thomas. And while in the Lancaster area, we also took in a cold evening at Dutch Wonderland where we enjoyed several rides. By the way, Dutch Wonderland is a good place for young children. They can go on rides by themselves and also with their families.

The Day Out with Thomas, on a snowy day, was a nice event. It was also a very smooth event — the workers kept everyone moving from place to place, shuttling people back and forth from the farm-turned-parking-lot via many school buses, taking photos of families on the 20-minute train ride, taking photos in front of the Thomas engine during 10-minute layovers at the station, etc. The train ride itself was pretty short — about 10 minutes going backwards, then 10 minutes returning to the starting point.

There were plenty of opportunities to spend money — personal photos (two 4×6 photos cost us $20), clothing, a fully-stocked gift shop, etc.

Anyway, it was a nice family event and a great getaway!

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