Days Like This

IMG_0697We got up and left early this morning for a district pastor’s gathering with the Bishop in State College. Shortly after arriving home this afternoon, it was time for the kids’ afternoon naps. Later, we got the kids up in time for a quick dinner before both of us headed off to evening meetings (we try not to double book too many evenings, but it happens occasionally). By the time we got home, it was (past) bedtime!

Well, dinner (between naps and meetings) was a little rushed and Sarah was in the high chair not-too-impatiently waiting for her meal. We always hold her while she drinks her bottle, but because we were so rushed tonight, I handed her the bottle of formula to see if she could handle it on her own. And she handled it very well! (Interestingly, it was only a week ago Sunday that she took ahold of the bottle on her own for the first time; till then, she was a hands-off bottle drinker.)

We know there will be days like this — days when we hardly see the kids at all — but we want to keep them to a minimum!

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