Passionate Worship

I have always thought that worship is something difficult to describe. We can come to worship at a weekend service but that doesn’t necessarily mean that we have worshiped. Worship cannot be done for us. We don’t attend a worship service and passively watch others worship. We all are participants in worship. We all are invited to sing praises, to pray prayers, to offer our attention to God and open our hearts to God.

At it’s heart, worship is an encounter with God. We offer our worship to God and he inhabits the praises of his people. He graces us with his presence. When we get a glimpse of who God is, we do not remain unchanged. In worship, we are transformed.

Questions for Reflection and Comment

Share a time you have sensed God’s presence in worship. What was it like? Where were you? What were you doing? How did you respond? How were you changed?

How do you prepare for the worship service? Do you worship at other times during the week (“Private worship reinforces public worship.” Five Practices, 49). Do you come expecting to encounter God? Do you pray for those who lead in worship?

4 thoughts on “Passionate Worship”

  1. There are many times when we are on our way to church that I am working on something for childrens church or UMYF or Relay and I don’t fully get to “get ready” for the service. I am running around trying to find everyone I need to talk to/check with/give something to and before I know it, Gary has finished the Prelude music and the service is starting. I know all of this is important, and I truly enjoy being involved with the church, but on my very favorite days, I sit in the pew looking at the window above the alter. I see the angel and the shepherds and I think about everything going on. Am I truly doing what I am meant to do? Am I living as I want or as God wants? I pray often, but do I listen for the answers? There have been times as the message starts, tears stream down because I know I fall short. I think how could I possibly be forgiven for things I have done? And then I realize that who do I think I am? Jesus died on the cross for all of our sins…why would mine be any different? Do I put myself on a pillar above others? No, so I know the answer. I have felt Him with me. Filled with the spirit and ready to go on…Sometimes I just need the chance to reflect.

  2. We all need that chance to reflect. Reflection is so important: reflection in the presence of God.

    It’s wonderful how the church building itself offers opportunity to draw us into worship. Someone at Thursday AM Bible Study mentioned how the worship banners do that for them.

  3. The banners have really added a lot…I love the windows though. I know there are meanings to each of the windows, but I’m not sure where they are at. I think I heard maybe Paul Bowers or Ken Bodle did something on the meanings before….

  4. Just in the last 1.5 years since I’ve been here, Paul did something on the window of which you spoke above. It might have been for a Children’s Moment. Paul always has insightful comments … “Mr. Trivia.”


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