Live Tweeting at Leadership Event

Toward the end of this post, I give details on a leadership event we’re attending tomorrow where I plan be “live tweeting.” You can skip to the end of this post for that info, or read about the process of how I came to try out Twitter.

The Internet is a network of computers that offers a way for people to connect. Over the years, my main avenue for online connection has been through blogging.

For about six years, I was heavily active in a pastor’s online forum, representing mostly pastors from all across the U.S. and some from outside the U.S. (Incidentally, what was once a very strong forum has pretty much died when the operators changed formats, moving from a forum/discussion board format to more of a social-networking, Facebook-for-pastors format, interestingly enough.)

In the world of social media, some of the biggest recent developments have been with Twitter and Facebook. I have not been an early adopter in these media.

My first impression of Twitter (which is based on the question, “What are you doing?”) wasn’t very good. Most people answered the question by reporting things like going to watch a movie, sitting in a meeting, eating at a restaurant, etc. While there may be some value in simply connecting with others, it didn’t appeal to me, at the time.

It remains to be seen what, if anything I do with other forms of social media, but I decided recently to check out Twitter. Twitter is a micro-blogging platform which limits posts to 140 characters (about one or two sentences). If nothing else, it’s a good way to hone the discipline of being concise! 🙂

I’m experimenting with how I might use the service. So far, I have posted a few Scripture phrases, inspirational quotes, and links to good resources. Each week, I post the main point from Sunday’s sermon. Also, links to posts I write here are automatically “tweeted.” And it may be a good way to connect with others (by “following” others and/or having others “follow” you).

I must say, it was particularly interesting to watch the Twitter activity in realtime following last night’s House of Representatives’ vote on health care reform. I didn’t read much of the activity, though, because it was impossible to keep up!

Live Tweeting. While I am still experimenting with Twitter, I’m posting this now to invite you to be part of this experiment. On Tuesday, Joleen and I will be attending an all-day seminar on “Planning and Leading Change,” led by Rev. Tom Berlin, senior pastor of Floris United Methodist Church (Herndon, VA). This is one of the requirements of our ordination process.

I should have Internet access at the seminar site so I plan to post quotes/learnings throughout the day (if I don’t have Internet access, for some reason, I’ll try to post some things Tuesday evening). I also expect to write a more in-depth recap here on the blog sometime afterward.

Well, I may write more later on how my experiment with Twitter is going, including some reflection and reviews of some of the third-party Twitter applications (mainly Web apps) that provide greater functionality.

Finally, click here to follow me on Twitter, especially on Tuesday when I will be live tweeting from Wesley Forest, a United Methodist campground.

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