Recharging Your Batteries

You know the drill, one of your many rechargeable battery-powered gadgets needs recharging, so you plug it into its specific rechargeable device (after you find it!).

A couple weeks ago, I plugged in my cell phone, and Ethan asked if my phone was dead. It wasn’t, so I said, “No, it just needs to be recharged.” So he replied, “Is it a little bit dead?” 🙂

Well, last week, I plugged a couple other rechargeable gadgets into an outlet. And this morning, when I tried to use one of them, battery power lasted only a few seconds. That didn’t make sense.

Seconds later, though, I thought to check the electrical outlet to see if the “Reset” button needed pressed. It did. So what I thought was recharging really wasn’t accomplishing anything!

I wondered if that happens to us physically, emotionally, and spiritually as well.

“Recharging batteries” is a good metaphor for personal/spiritual self-care. But we need to check, occasionally, to see if what we think is recharging our batteries is accomplishing anything or not. We may think we’re recharging our batteries, but if we’re connected to the power source, nothing is happening!

So, when you recharge your batteries, make sure you are *really* connecting to the power source!

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