Adoption and Bonding Dynamics

Six weeks after bringing Sarah home, we reflected on bonding the second time around.

Now at five months, I recently visualized the difference in dynamics between the two experiences. When we brought Ethan home, Ethan entered a circle of two people, but when we brought Sarah home less than two years later, Sarah entered a circle of three people.

Those are two completely different sets of dynamics. Breaking into a circle of two is much easier than breaking into a circle of three (especially when one of the three is a two-year-old!). Ethan’s entrance was a non-issue (he had our undivided attention, well, except for polishing dissertations!).

Due to the different set of dynamics, Sarah’s process of entering the circle has probably been slower than Ethan’s was (naturally), but thankfully, Sarah is doing her part to make this bonding experience as easy as possible! 🙂

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