Post-Easter Family Sabbath Time

Easter is a busy time for pastors, of course, and it’s an especially busy time for a family with two pastors and two kids. So, we’re taking a mini-vacation after Easter for some much-needed Sabbath time.

We arrived in Lancaster, PA yesterday and will head back home tomorrow. On our way here, we reached another milestone in the process of adopting Sarah. We met with our caseworker for the third and final time. Once Sarah has been with us six months (April 24), we’ll be able to file for the finalization of Sarah’s adoption (at which time her name will legally become “Sarah”). However, we don’t know when finalization will actually take place (probably in a few months).

So far, it’s been a relaxing time — spending a little time at the playground, splashing in the pool (first time with Sarah), and eating out. Well, eating out is not always relaxing with two kids under 3, especially at Carrabba’s. Carraba’s is a nice Italian restaurant, but we were placed at a small table (so everything was accessible to both kids) and all four of us were given silverware, including two forks and a large steak knife. Ethan found the first two and after Sarah pulled one out, we figured we should get rid of the knives! Besides that, it was great!

You can tell our kids are pastors’ kids. On the way to visit/tour Tom Sturgis Pretzel Bakery (America’s first commercial pretzel bakery), Ethan asked, “Are we going to another church?” 🙂

And sure enough, after visiting Sturgis Pretzels, we walked across the street to look at the historic Lititz Moravian Congregation (Methodism founder, John Wesley, was greatly impacted by the Moravians).

We plan to do a couple fun things in Hershey tomorrow on our way home. In the meantime, here are some photos from our mini-vacation, so far …

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