Stuck at the Surface

One of the biggest problems that I’ve tried to confront throughout my ministry is complacency. From the beginning of my journey as a Christ-follower, I have said that complacency is one of the biggest problems we face!

Complacency is a temptation for all of us and perhaps the temptation only gets stronger as we grow older and the longer we’re on this journey of following Jesus.

My sermon today focused on the conversation Jesus had with two disciples on the road from Jerusalem to Emmaus a few hours after Jesus rose from the dead (see Luke 24.13-34).

Upon nearing their destination, the two disciples could have simply gone home and let Jesus continue on his journey, but the Scriptures report, “They begged him, ‘Stay with us!'”

As followers of Jesus, we all reach a point where we decide if this is far enough!

And frankly, we reach many points in life, not just one point. For these two disciples, it was only after they were persistent that they discovered that it was Jesus whom they had been walking and talking with. They could easily have said, “This is far enough. We’ve had an enlightening conversation, we’ve learned a lot, our hearts burned within us, but this is far enough. We’re ready to move on now.”

They decided that it wasn’t far enough, that they wanted to go deeper. We, too, must decide that we want to go further in our walk with Christ. We must go deeper. Many times, it’s a matter of being persistent!

In fact, we should never reach a point in our lives where we say, “You know, this is far enough. I don’t need to go any further!”

As long as we live, there’s room to grow.

So, don’t get stuck at the surface. Be persistent. Next time, let’s hang around God a little longer and see how he will reveal himself to us in a special way!

Jeremiah 29.13 (NLT) …

“If you look for me wholeheartedly, you will find me.”

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