Developing the Discipline of Determination

One of the main reasons I went all out in the Health Flex HealthMiles Challenge was simply to see what I could do and to put myself to the (physical and mental) test. Going all out every day required me to push through some challenges along the way, including …

  • Getting up 29 mornings between 5:00 and 6:00 and walking 10,000 in about 75 minutes (more or less).
  • Staying on track every day by constantly monitoring my progress and making sure I was on target. It was at least as much of a mental test as a physical one.
  • Working through occasional pain.
  • Four days devoted to the trip to Washington D.C, including at least 6 hours total travel time on Sunday and Wednesday as well as several hours of sitting Monday through Wednesday morning.

Life is like that. There will always be obstacles and challenges. We need determination to stick it out. It’s a discipline. We need to develop the discipline of determination, the ability to stick to it.

It’s wise to practice determination in the smaller things so that when we encounter the bigger things, we’ll have the determination to stick it out and to keep moving forward!

Question: Where do you need to develop the discipline of determination?

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