Father’s Day 2010

Ater church today, we were able to take a few photos before Ethan and Sarah crashed following their Sunday morning routine of Sunday school, worship … and Mommy and Daddy’s early morning, last-minute prep. No easy task!

In October 2009, I wrote in on our first full day together as a family of four that we had struggled to get Ethan to be in a photo with Mommy or Daddy *with* Sarah. That hasn’t changed a whole lot in the eight months since then, and today was no different.

We were able to get a photo of Joleen with the kids on Mother’s Day, but it wasn’t easy. Today wasn’t any easier (granted, Ethan wasn’t feeling well and Sarah’s patience ran out very quickly).

But here’s what we got. Of course, it might help to take photos at any other time than right after church! 🙂

Grateful to be the daddy of Ethan and Sarah!

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