West Virginia Vacation, Day 3

The internet went down here sometime yesterday, so we’re posting our favorite photo from day 3 (our second full day here) a little late.

Unfortunately, we didn’t take the camera on the hike in the morning due to the heavy fog / light drizzle. I carried Sarah on my back for the 2-mile hike and Ethan hiked the entire distance on foot. The trail was listed as an “easy/moderate” trail but I’d say the only reason the word easy was used is because of the fairly short distance (1 mile out, 1 mile back). For a 3-year-old, I’d think it was “strenuous” (and the wet conditions only made it more challenging; we didn’t really get wet because of the thick tree coverage, but the ground was a little wet/muddy). It took us about an hour and a half.

This photo was taken from the upper deck during an evening boat ride on the lake.


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