Ethan’s First Day of Preschool

IMG_1986Ethan turned 3 over the summer and today was his first day of preschool. (Photo here was taken just before Ethan headed off to school.)

We weren’t sure how Ethan would handle being dropped off in an unfamiliar place (last spring’s school visit and last week’s orientation probably helped). But when Mommy dropped Ethan off this morning, he handled it well, maybe even better than Mommy.

Ironically, we had a Clearfield Ministerium meeting in the same church building as the preschool that lasted about as long as Ethan’s morning in preschool. I left a couple minutes early to get Ethan and met Ethan at the end of the hall.

Ethan’s first question was, “Did you bring the truck?” (Unfortunately — for both of us — he doesn’t get to ride in the truck very much since we normally keep both car seats in the car.)

By all indications, Ethan had a good first day of preschool. Our little boy is growing up!

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