Preparing for Retreat

As we near the end of our ordination journey (more on that in the next few days), we are in much need of a retreat. So, the Bishop’s Retreat comes at just the right time. After lunch this Sunday, we will head to Lancaster, PA for the retreat.

This will be the third year in a row that we’ve attended the retreat. We were not able to attend before because of working on D.Min. degrees (with classes in January). Two years ago, Ethan made his debut at the retreat (just as we did) and last year, Sarah made hers. You can read about previous retreats in these posts: Arriving at the Bishop’s Retreat, Bishop’s Retreat Learnings, Halftime at the Bishop’s Retreat, and Ten Percent from the Bishop’s Retreat.

This year, the guest presenter will be Rev. Grace Imathiu. She is pastor of Brown Deer UMC in Brown Deer, Wisconsin and has served congregations in her native country of Kenya as well as Washington, Ohio, Tennessee, and Wisconsin. You can learn more about her here at, which includes video content.

We’re looking forward it, especially because of the timing. The deadline for our work in preparation for ordination is January 13 and our wedding anniversary is January 15. On January 16, we will take our family to Lancaster for some much needed retreating and reconnecting!

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