65 Books to Read

There are two times when I am most susceptible to feeling bad: (1) browsing through the books in a bookstore, and (2) looking through the books in our personal home library. In both places, I come across way too many good books waiting to be read! A few years ago I talked about our Reading … Read more

Winter Life

It’s been a long winter—snow, ice, and very cold temperatures. Not a good combination for getting outside with the kids! Here are some things the kids have bee doing lately …

15 Books That Have Shaped Me as a Leader

It’s often said that leaders are readers. I’ve always loved what Rick Warren says: “Leaders are learners. The moment you stop learning, you stop leading!” I have put together a list of 15 books that have shaped me as a leader. These aren’t necessarily the best books on leadership—they’re not even all specifically leadership books—but … Read more

Change Is Normal

Everyone says change is hard. It may be hard, but it’s normal. I often think of a quote from SoulTsunami by Leonard Sweet: What is the difference between a living thing and a dead thing? … in the modern medical world, a clinical definition of death is a body that does not change. Change is … Read more

Cultivation is the Work of Leaders

I’ve been fleshing out some of the reading from The Balancing Act by Bishop Robert Schnase. Previous posts include: “The Balancing Act”, Pray More Than Criticize, 5 Practices to Make the Most of Time, and Change Takes Faith. In one chapter, Bishop Schnase talks about a field he once saw that was no longer being … Read more

Change Takes Faith

I have a couple more reflections on The Balancing Act by Bishop Robert Schnase (previous posts: “The Balancing Act”, Pray More Than Criticize, and 5 Practices to Make the Most of Time). By definition, leaders are change agents, so Bishop Schnase’s thoughts on change caught my attention. Schnase points out why change is hard: When … Read more

5 Practices to Make the Most of Time

I’ve been writing about The Balancing Act by Bishop Robert Schnase (see “The Balancing Act” and Pray More Than Criticize). Bishop Schnase writes on “Redeeming Time.” By that, he means “making time sacred, useful to God, holy” (119). Schnase adds: … redeeming the time involves discovering the holy, gift-like quality, the grace of time. It … Read more

Pray More Than Criticize

I recently wrote about Bishop Robert Schnase’s book, The Balancing Act (Bishop Schnase is author of Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations). I enjoyed the short book, which works well as a 30-day devotional, and plan to highlight a few sections on the blog over the next few/several days. Early on in the book, Bishop Schnase … Read more

3 Ways Leaders Stir the Pot

In my last post, I suggested that Leaders are Pot-Stirrers. Before I get into some specific ways that leaders stir the pot, I should say that being a pot-stirrer is not a license to be a jerk. I’m not talking about making life difficult for people for the sake of being difficult. It’s all about … Read more

Leaders are Pot-Stirrers

A number of years ago, I stopped on a channel long enough to catch part of the movie, Runaway Bride. In one particular scene, the “runaway bride” (played by Julia Roberts) yelled at a reporter (played by Richard Gere). The reporter made her life difficult by writing in a newspaper column about her practice of … Read more

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