Change Takes Faith

I have a couple more reflections on The Balancing Act by Bishop Robert Schnase (previous posts: “The Balancing Act”, Pray More Than Criticize, and 5 Practices to Make the Most of Time).

By definition, leaders are change agents, so Bishop Schnase’s thoughts on change caught my attention. Schnase points out why change is hard:

When we change, we leave behind old familiar things—ways of doing things, patterns, habits, attitudes, behaviors that are comfortble. (95)

Change involves loss. Change is difficult, but necessary—for growth, for greater fruitfulness. But because it’s difficult, “Change takes faith” (96). Change is part of life. The opposite of change isn’t comfort or stability or security—it’s death!


Forward movement in our following of Christ comes as we cooperate with the Holy Spirit in our own maturation and growth. God’s Spirit is calling us toward greater Christ-likeness. We starve the old nature and feed the new creation as we intentionally move toward Christ. Change and growth are essential elements of our spiritual growth and discipleship. (96).

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