Couples Who Pray Together Stay Together!

In their book, Prayer-Saturated Kids, Cheryl Sacks and Arlyn Lawrence report …

A 1993 Gallup poll revealed that among married couples who attend church together regularly, the divorce rate is one out of two. That’s the same statistic as for marriages outside the church. However, among married couples who pray together daily, the divorce rate is one out of 1,153. (33)

That’s an amazing statistic. It certainly points to value of prayer. But it also highlights something else: couples who pray together are intentional (praying together requires intentionality). And couples who are intentional about praying together are likely to be intentional in other areas of their relationship.

Sacks and Lawrence argue, “Prayer builds unity and intimacy. We become intimate to whom we pray, for whom we pray, and with whom we pray” (33).

Couples who pray together stay together because they grow more and more intimate with one another!

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