Approved for Ordination!

Today, we learned that we both have been approved by the Board of Ordained Ministry for ordination in The United Methodist Church. This marks the end of one (long) chapter in our lives—and begins a new chapter!

The Board’s action will need the approval of the clergy session at annual conference in June. After final approval there, ordination will take place at annual conference, Saturday, June 11, 2011—86 days from today!

In the meantime, we still have three more (easy) requirements: (1) attend a Training Day (on church finances) in a couple weeks, (2) attend an overnight retreat with the bishop in May for all who will be commissioned or ordained at annual conference, and (3) attend our third and final Learning Covenant Group session with peers in the process (this was a new requirement this year; future ordination classes will have eight sessions). But we just have to show up for these!

We are grateful for all who have supported us along the way, especially for your prayers!

5 thoughts on “Approved for Ordination!”

  1. Congratulations on your ordination. Have attended sone annual conferences when they were in Roanoke and found them very interesting for a lay person. For instance, I had no idea
    a pastor could have limited education and preach only at one church.

    I didn’t know that pastors were Deacons and Elders, having grown
    up in the Baptist and Church of the Brethern they were lay people of “higher standing.”

    Once again, congratulations!!!

    Shirley Hatten

  2. Congratulations, and God be with you. I am sure it was a long journey, but also fruitful, faithful and even, dare I say, a little fun.

    Stay blessed…john


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